Bandura Aleksey


1989 – International Biennale of Small Textiles, Jurmala
1988 – All-Union Exhibition Moscow-Manezh, Moscow
1984 – zonal exhibition, Cheboksary
1983 – joint exhibition with sculptor A. Balaur, Samara

Alexey Bandura (born in 1952, Odessa region) - graduated from the Vizhnitsa College of Applied Arts and Kyiv Institute of Design and Modeling named after Salvador Dali.

Alexey's works are woven from wool, linen and silk. All of the artist's works are unique and very labor-intensive. The main motive of his creative works is the land and everything that is on it. The artist himself says that all his life he has been engaged in a royal kind of art, because it is this kind of art that the works of tapestry in Western Europe belong to.

Many of the artist's works are in private collections and museums around the world.