Munts Andrey


2019 -spring exhibition of architects ' paintings. Central House of Architects, Moscow
2019 - auction of contemporary art, "Litfond", Vinzavod, Moscow
2018-Art Revolutionary, Taipei, Taiwan
2016-2018- exhibitions of architects ' paintings, Central House of Architects, Moscow
2017 - "The Artist's Book", Bogolyubov Art Library, Moscow
2014 -exhibition of paintings "Bouquet", Museum of Modern History of Russia, Gallery T.
2014 - "Seven Muntsev in four generations", Gallery T.
2012 -solo exhibition at the Russian World Gallery, Paris, France

2012 -participation in the LISIEUX Encheres auction, Bernard Brunet Commissaire Priseur
2010-La Galerie Thuillier, Paris, France
2010 -Art Shangai, Shanghai, China
2010-solo exhibition I-Gallery, Paris, France
2009-exhibition "50 years of the Union of Artists" in the Maly Manege
2009-exhibition "10 Galleries" in the Grand Palais, Paris, France
1998-personal exhibition in the editorial office of the magazine "Our Heritage", Moscow
1997-personal exhibition, Marek Gshetkiewicz Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
1997-personal exhibition in Kostroma. The first exhibition of abstract art in the city
1995-personal exhibition in "V-galery", Kansas City, USA
1995-1996-exhibition "Golden Brush", Krymsky Val, Moscow
1992-solo exhibition at the Kansas City Community Center, USA

Andrey Munts (born in 1954, Moscow) is a third-generation architect-artist, winner of ten architectural competitions, member of the Union of Architects, the Union of Russian Artists, the International Federation of Artists of Unesco, and the International Art Foundation. He is engaged in architecture, painting, and teaching. Numerous country houses in the Moscow region, residential and public buildings in Moscow and other cities were built according to the projects of Andrey Munts. Andrey Munts entered the unified art rating, both in the section " Architecture "and in the section"Painting". Participant of more than 50 exhibitions of paintings and drawings in Russia, Poland, USA, France, Great Britain, China, Taiwan. His works are in galleries and private collections in Russia, USA, Poland, France, Holland, Taiwan. Has auction sales of Litfond, Artinvestment. "My concept is no concept. I try to feel like a free artist, not limited by any long-term attitudes associated with a particular direction in art. The search is important to me. I try to be open to the world, open to new ideas. " Andrey Munts ' painting is associated with one of the main art styles of the twentieth century — abstract expressionism. His work actively included the experience of the discoveries of the Russian avant-garde of the 1910s and 1920s. Abstract expressionism is the art of self- expression, one of the main conditions of which is inner freedom. Andrey Munts use the method of intuitive creativity, he believes that it is necessary to paint not so much with colors, but with emotions. The works created by the author are distinguished by the brightness of emotional experiences. The artist considers color as the most powerful means of influencing the viewer. There is no repeated work of Andrei Munz. In each work, he sets himself new tasks, experiments in different directions, in the field of pure abstraction with a strong emotional sound, combines abstraction with images of the real world.