Shtal Nataliya

Natalia Stahl (born in 1986, Leningrad). «I was born into a family of artists and architects. From an early age, walking around the Hermitage and listening to symphonic music at the Mariinsky Theater and the Philharmonic, I dreamed of growing up to the age when I would be admitted to study at the Art School named after I. B. Kustodieva. I spent the 7 years at the Film and Television University. I started with the photography and soon in my second year I had personal photo exhibitions. Since then, I have spent almost all of my time with canvas. In the color-saturated canvases, you can smell the autumn or hear the sound of rain, look at flying birds and crumbling leaves of trees, notice the movement that fills everything around. Combining the dynamics of photography and the monumentality of painting on canvas, I want to touch something deep in the soul».