Vasily Trindik was born into the family of a known artist Trindik Nikolay Zaharovich (1916-1987) in the year 1954 in Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkaria).

Vasiliy’s artistic talent became noticeable in his early childhood. At the age of 9 his banner, made for the contest «Protection of nature through the eyes of children» was pointed out and was not only printed in the «Health» magazine, but also exhibited at the Kremlin.

In 1972 Vasily Trindik entered an Artistic-Graphic Demidov School in Leningrad which later on he successfully graduated. This was the time when the artist fell in love with Leningrad. Starting from 1984 and till 1989 Vasily Trindik has remained the main artist of the KBASSR artistic fund.

In the year 1986 the Soviet Union has called a restructuring. This time period happened to coincide with the artists’ rethinking of the mission of a painter. A series of paintings «Our little brothers» has been rewarded with a letter of recognition on a all-Union arena exhibition that took place in Moscow in 1987.

The year 1991 was influential on the artist’s fate as he had signed the work contract in Holland, where he had moved with his family due to these work reasons. A difficult political situation in Russia has played a fundamental role on the artist’s decision to stay in Holland for much longer than expected.