Yashin Sergey


2014-group exhibition "Red Gift", London, UK
2014-group exhibition, Erarta Gallery, Hong Kong, China
2013-personal exhibition in the exhibition hall of the International Association "Union of Designers", Moscow
2013-personal exhibition "Portraits", New York, USA
2011-personal exhibition " Twilight Concert. Act 2", Maya Ryazanova Gallery, Krasnodar
2011-academic exhibition " Nature.Ecology", Moscow-Sochi

2010-personal exhibition "Dreams of Ghirlandaio", Central House of Artists, Moscow
2008-personal exhibition in the gallery "Kustodieva, 17", St. Petersburg
2008-personal exhibition "Sand of Life" in the exhibition hall of the CX, Krasnodar
2006-personal exhibition "Signs of the Sun" in the exhibition hall of the CX, Krasnodar
2006-anniversary exhibition of the Russian Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg
2006 - exhibition of the association "Sunny Square", Central House of Artists, Moscow
2005-personal exhibition in the gallery "Art-city", St. Petersburg
2003-Republican Exhibition, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1999-Republican Exhibition, Manege, Moscow
1997 - "Kuntskamera on a visit to Yashin", Central House of Artists, Moscow
1995-International Festival of Contemporary Fine Arts, Krasnodar-Sochi-Moscow
1994 - "Artists of Russia", Nicosia, Paphos, Republic of Cyprus
1993 – "St. David's Hall", Cardiff, UK
1991 - "South of Russia", Krasnodar
1989-Republican exhibition "Youth of Russia", Moscow

Sergey Yashin (born in 1963, Krasnodar) is a painter, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Graduated from the Krasnodar Art School. Participated in many Russian and foreign exhibitions. The works were purchased by the Ministry of Culture of Russia, are in the collection of contemporary art of the Academy of Arts of Russia, in private collections in Russia and abroad.